Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A lovely thing happened…

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I am doing the happy dance this morning. The wonderful people at Psychologies magazine have included Love and a Licked Spoon in Kate McGinley’s feature on the five best blogs. It’s on page 42, along with Daily Eco tips, Mind Hacks, Brit Lit Blogs and The Sartorialist – rather smart company, I’m sure you’ll agree.

When I began my blog just over a year ago, my idea was to create a place where I could record all of my kitchen experiments - so much better, more accessible, less spattered with flour/butter/olive oil than recipes scribbled into countless notebooks and onto the backs of envelopes or grubby paper napkins. I thought my family might like it; I hoped my friends would (if nothing else, because they feature so heavily in my life, in my kitchen, around my table and therefore in my blog), but it has been heart warming, genuinely thrilling, to find that it resonates with others too. I confess to checking my Statcounter and being ridiculously delighted to see visitors from America or Australia or China, as well as those from just down the road. I love it when you visit, I love it even more when you come back and I’m uncool-ly excited when you comment.

So if you’ve been visiting Love and a Licked Spoon for a while, thank you. You’re all angels at my table. And if you’re visiting because you read about my blog in Psychologies, thank you too. I hope you’ll stick around, join in and swap some food stories of your own.

Love and a licked spoon,

Debora x

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  1. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Hooray and huzzah and well-deserved!!! You rock, Lady Bountiful!
    Love, love, love and a round of ale for everyone!
    Karen, waving madly and throwing tickertape

  2. Congratulations Deborah. You deserve the recognition. I enjoy visiting here on a regular basis.

  3. Congratulations! That's great press for you...

  4. Oh that's brilliant Lovely D. Congratulations - well deserved for a simply lovely blog. xx

  5. How simply great Deb

  6. You're even read as far away as Harare... xxJ

  7. now the whole world will know how wonderful you are! congrats! xoMarty

  8. Debora - how lovely! Congrats! brilliant and thoroughly deserved - x Avril x

  9. That's brilliant and very well deserved too. I love visiting and hopefully will lots of new people too now.

  10. Dear Debora
    Yes I am a regular reader of Psychologies and had to see this site! It looks glorious, and I will enjoy visiting.

  11. Karen, Thank you darling one.
    Penny, You've been here since the beginning and I'm enormously grateful for your visits.
    Alex, Thanks, isn't it though? I'm really delighted.
    Helena, Thank you dear heart.
    Mum, Eeek. So lovely.
    Joanie, Hello lovely lady. We miss you so much. Come and visit us soon, won't you? Need some Joanie laughs.
    Marty, Too sweet, you are.
    Avril, Thanks so much.
    Kath, And I'm so delighted you do.
    Lana, Thank you so much for visiting. Please come back and join in often.

    Love to all, Dx

  12. Hooray! Richly deserved. Only problem with your blog is that it is so incredibly moreish I keep drooling over it instead of working...

  13. This is indeed a lovely thing to have happened. Lovely people deserve lovely things.

  14. OOoooooooh congrats, congrats indeed. What an honour. Just one word of complaint. What on earth has taken them so long to find you? Better late than never and so well deserved. Well done Debora.

  15. Sharon G - To break through your deadline mentality, I really must be doing something right.
    Scarlett - Thank you so much. I'm touched.
    Mariana - Thank you dear.


  16. Congratulations! I totally agree.

  17. Karen - Thank you, and thank you for visiting almost from the first.
    Denise - Isn't it though? So thrilled and thank you. Dx

  18. Congratulations, Deborah. My daughter has just this morning directed me to you blog - I love it and will be visiting often, I've already bookmarked you.
    I also write a recipe / healthy living blog, and like you check my stats far too frequently and get enormously excited about the very few comments I get. I only started my blog in December last year, so I guess the comments will come eventually.
    Good luck - maybe a book deal is next for you.

  19. Hello Sphinx, Thanks so much for visiting and for your lovely comments. I'm delighted to hear I'm not the only one checking my stats far too regularly! Dx

  20. Oooh, how nice! Yours is a beautiful, and beautifully written, blog and deserves all the praise and attention.

  21. Hugely, richly well-deserved. A proud moment for Spoon Hq xx


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