Saturday 16 January 2010

Help Haiti

Since Wednesday, I have been thinking about what I could write about the earthquake that doesn’t sound woefully trite. I don’t have the words. I know that the pictures in the newspaper and on television pull my heart right out of my chest. I am making a donation to Action Against Hunger’s Haiti appeal . Ninety percent of their donations go directly to their field programmes. There are many other charities desperate for anything you can spare. The Times has an excellent list of reputable charities working in the region, including the DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal.


  1. I know the feeling. I'm quite a tough old bird but have found myself in tears when watching the news or reading a newspaper (weeping on public transport was very odd).

    The situation in Haiti is beyond devastation, and beyond our comprehension. Too dreadful.
    Thanks for the links.

  2. Thank you for reading it, Joy.
    Scarlett - As you say, beyond our comprehension. Anything one does to help feels so small in the face of such devastation.

  3. Thanks for mentioning DEC. There is a Foodlovers Fundraising dinner on Mon 8 February in aid of Haiti with all proceeds going to DEC, Disasters Emergency Committee

    Tickets are £175 - people can help by promoting the event on their blogs, Twitter and Facebook


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