Saturday 15 May 2010

Feeding the five hundred

Séan nearly made himself late for work yesterday. (Actually, he did make himself late. He made me put the 'nearly' in, in case any of his colleagues read this post. Oh.) He was bedding in the latest guests at Lickedspoon Mansions. At 7am, a knock on the door heralded the arrival of a brown cardboard box containing 500 worms. He couldn’t wait to get them into the wormery, where they will feast on the finest scraps and peels, the ghosts of meals past, and in turn they will feed my tomatoes, strawberries and flowers. And, unlike other guests, they won’t hog the bathroom, get drunk, insist on playing 80s vinyl or show tunes until 2am.

If you live in Hackney, you can buy the same wormery as ours, usual price £92, for £25 if you contact Wriggly Wrigglers and quote product code H0596. If you don’t live in Hackney, check with your local council as many of them have subsidised recycling schemes now.

500 worms and counting

And another lovely thing…

My friend Fiona emailed me on Tuesday to congratulate me on Love and a Licked Spoon making it into this month’s Elle Decoration. I knew nothing about it, so it was the most wonderful surprise.

Elle Decoration

If you’re visiting because you read about my blog in Elle Deco, thanks so much. Do stick around, join in and share some food stories of your own.


  1. Brilliant, well done for the mention, well deserved, again!

  2. Thanks, Kath. So thrilled by it. I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  3. A wormery! Bravo! If this is a new adventure for you, I hope you have fun. I really enjoyed my crew of composting worms! Have you been over to my other blog yet?

    And congrats on Elle!

  4. Yes, never had one before so would love any tips. I'm quite excited about it. Will go and look at your other blog (Gosh, you are busy). And thanks for congrats, too. Dx

  5. Speechless and shuddery about the wrigglers but delighted that they 'get' you across at Elle Deco. So they should, of course.
    M xxxxx

  6. A wormery - well done you ! We don't have a huge amount of outside space but I really really want one ! Does that make me odd ? Well done xx

  7. Mum, Not speechless, surely? Dont worry, we're not bringing them on holiday with us.
    Joy, I'm quite fascinated by them. Looking forward to this adventure.
    Belgravia Wife, We don't have a huge garden either, but apparently they're perfect for people like us. Don't take up a lot of room. If you're odd, then I am too. Doesn't feel too bad.

  8. Yay for Elle Deco but ewwwwww to worms!
    (Although I know they're useful etc...)

  9. Alex, you're so sweet, for both parts of your comment. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Dx

  10. If you can cover for Sean and his lateness, you can certainly refrain from telling everyone who reads this blog about my stint as your drunken, showtune-belting-out, bathroom-hogging houseguest! I have to laugh at the thought of Elle Deco readers showing up, only to be greeted by a mass of wigglers!!! LOL!
    You are adorable, darling, and I miss you (she said drunkenly)...

    Karen, The Skanky Yankee

  11. Oh, you are truly one of the best behaved guests we've ever had. Mind you, you should see the rest... Tweeting about my worms on Twitter cost me three followers. Probably just as well. This is no place for the squeamish.
    Miss you too, Miss Skanky (hardly) Yankee

  12. Kick them to the curb and march on!
    Iron Fist Karen

  13. My interest in worms seems to have turned off some of my followers too... Oh well. Such is life. We better get to making some pretty cakes and tarts.

  14. Karen and Denise, Hilarious isn't it? Where do they think most of their food comes from? I rather love the worms, like bees, so industrious and so beneficial.

  15. I ahve just come across this blog! I eed some more worms in my garden....lovely little creatures!


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