Sunday 30 September 2012

Hello autumn, my old friend

2012-09-30 16.19.14
Chinese lanterns, chrysanthemums, crocosmia, raggy purple dahlias, hypericum berries, bells of Ireland

Shape and shadow are candied citron
as lanterns turn bitter yellow. Autumn
is a red fox, a goblet filled with dark wine,
a hot chilli pepper with smoky eyes.

Autumn by Mary Hamrick, 2009

A morning in the flower market and the bunting-bright shades of summer have given way to fat berries, fiery chrysanthemums and boxes of papery-skinned bulbs. Trays of summer bedding are replaced by pots of sweet cyclamen, winter pansies and blowsy mums.

I’ve bought thick socks and pulled cosy scarves from the drawer, brushed last year’s dried mud from my boots and paired up a tangle of gloves and mittens. I’m ready.


  1. I make no apologies, Autumn is my favourite time of year for all the reasons stated above. I must add russet leaves, apples spiced with cinnamon and cosy nights by the fire. I'm ready, too!

    P.S. Your flowers are lovely, especially the Chinese Lanterns. What a great old fashioned plant.

  2. Hello Debs, It's lovely isn't it? More reading, lots of cosy food, the sad beauty of the garden. Bring it on! DX


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