Saturday 21 March 2009

Dog day afternoon

Barney’s epicurean hopes and dreams are cruelly dashed. He’s back to snuffling out fried chicken bones, so festively strewn along the High Street by Stoke Newington’s jeunesse dorée on Friday night. He’s all about free range foraging.


  1. Oh Barney, what a blow. May you find new sausage hunting grounds and run free with the paw licking good chickens.

  2. He's in therapy to cope with the rejection. This was going well until today, when Vanessa AKA Lady de B, dressed him in a faux pearl and diamante cat necklace she bought in Paris. Now he has to contend with gender and species confusion too.

  3. Well, he quite clearly looks like guide dog to me! A guide dog for the nose ...

  4. Hello Katherine,

    How right you are. He's a steak-seeking missile who can sniff out a sausage from about a mile and a half.



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