Sunday 29 March 2009

Earth Hour

We marked Earth Hour at Lady de B’s with a dinner that began in candlelight. Then we decided that we all looked so much more delightful when we could hardly see one another, we declined to turn on the lights all evening. We were, however, burning more candles than St Peter’s, Rome, so perhaps this wasn’t the most effective way to protest against climate change.


  1. Lovely image. I read this appealing piece last week about 'Gaia' - being a concept of the earth as an organism, evolving and developing as a whole living thing itself. Just think. Your lot in your candle light were a dynamic part of that Gaia evolution, there in North London.
    The earth has to survive now.


  2. Well, if all it takes is eating turbot and frozen Gran Marnier souffle, then we're certainly doing our bit.



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